Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Love Notes

Photo by EmaReide Photography

Photo by EmaReide Photography


“We would love to thank you two wonderful lady's at Lasting Impressions By Design for helping make our day perfect. Even with the complications and minor setbacks, you guys rock. I will miss having you message and call to get updates, and I'm so glad that you have been a part of our memories and wonderful day. I recommend this company to anyone for any type  of celebration. They have the imagination to work with you and it's fun to watch it all come together.

We love you guys”

 -Rebekah and Lisa M.

"I'm going to miss our emails and texts back and forth talking about wedding festivities and what not. I can't believe a week has already passed, but I'm still glowing. ... Ok so where to begin:

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Thank you both so much for the best wedding I could have ever imagined. Its hard to imagine how everything is going to pull together when planning a wedding, but with you two, I didn't have to worry one bit. And even when it looked like I was worried, you both just had the answer I needed. 

I know there is so much that went on behind the scenes that I don't even know about and I want to thank you for those unspoken favors as well.  Everything you all did to make our day perfect was beyond exceptional. As I mentioned before, our guests too noticed how on top you all were with making sure everything ran as smooth as possible and I've received so many compliments in regards to the service. The phrase "The Ladies with the Headsets" are going to be somewhere in my wedding scrapbook alongside your pictures! ... The best gifts were all the details that you provided: from packing the cars, to making sure Dave and I had our cocktails at the table before dinner, to bustling my dress up, to making a special boxed dinner for Dave and I; it was all just freaking amazing. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

                   -Sara s.



"Joanne and Katie are such sweet, kind-hearted people and made this wedding planning stress free. They are absolutely wonderful!!! I felt completely comfortable letting go of all control and trusting them to make executive decisions on our wedding day. They took charge and carried out our wedding vision. I felt so well prepared with them that on our wedding day I could just focus on marrying the love of my life and enjoy the day. It was so nice having them carry out the day logistics and not having to worry about a thing! We are so blessed to have found them because they made our day truly special. Thanks ladies!"

                   -Nicole N.


Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios

"Joanne and Katie are amazing. They truthly make a bride feel like Cinderella throughout the wedding planning and they are the like fairy godmothers.
Omg I woke up on Sunday feeling like my wedding was a just a dream. I woke up to my phone beeping from the pictures being sent from to me from the photographer and family. I could never thank Katie and Joanne enough for creating the fairy tale wedding I always wanted. My husband and I spend the entire morning looking at pictures and videos of our wedding. Laughing at the moment we couldn't find the garter and these lady created a garter for us within seconds. There is nothing these ladies wouldn't do to create the most amazing night for their bride. And we couldn't believe that day went so perfect!
Thank you so much ladies" 

                    -Carol A.




"Joanne and Katie were amazing at keeping me in track which it's not an easy task. Having two coordinator was super helpful, they were in constant communication between the ceremony location and venue to ensure everything went without a hitch. Our wedding was everything we hope it would be and that was thanks to all the hard work of this lovely ladies. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for an amazing job at their event."

                    -Luz P.




"I can't begin to tell people how wonderful these 2 ladies were. I hired them with 6 weeks to go and was a hot mess. They took the reins, gave me assignments and literally put me on track for a gorgeous and successful wedding. Everything ran like clockwork and they were so professional throughout the process. I received so many compliments from all the guests. My son will be getting married soon and I will definitely use these awesome women to coordinate the event."

                    -Anna D.


"Lasting Impressions by Design helped the Andy Mireles Charitable Foundation with their "Comedy Hour" fundraiser! They made the event a special night of fun and relaxation for all who attended. With their outstanding attentiveness to our needs, they took the stress out of our lives! We received many compliments on the evening. Thank you, Joanne, Katie, Catherine, and Natalie for your wonderful assistance. We will certainly see you again with our future events."

                   -Margaret M.


"The girls were on the spot and answered any questions I had. They really took the time to make sure I understood what packages were available and really helped to set my expectations on how weddings go. I never knew there was so much attention to detail needed. The girls were a pleasure to work with and I thank them for their time!"

                    -STEVEN m.

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios


"We can't thank you enough for being there on our special day. These two ladies (Joanne and Katie) are so amazing. I swear we had everything planned out but boy....we were wrong. These ladies did last minute DIYs to create an aisle, garter and all sorts of little touches. If you planning a wedding or special event you need me if they weren't there... our special day wouldn't have gone so picture perfect. Thank you so much Katie and Joanne for working so hard and making sure our day was exactly like Carol's wedding Pinterest board." 

                    -John O.