We all have them!  Some are exciting and memorable and some we wish people would forget, but it’s always a great way to honor and spend time with the people you care about on their birthday!  The team at Lasting Impressions by Design is able to help you plan any of those great milestones!  Whether it is a party for a small group of family and friends, or a large celebration for everyone you know, allow us to help you plan the details of your event.

First Birthday

Baby’s first birthday is one of the first milestones we begin thinking about once you know a child is on the way!  Do you have a big party or just a small gathering with family?  You have enough to think about!  Feeding schedules, bedtime and wondering when you will ever get a full night’s sleep again!  Allow us the honor to help you plan your little ones’ big day, and we will execute those plans while you catch up on those few minutes of rest!

Shabbat Dinner San Antonio

Sweet 16

The 16th birthday is such an important milestone in our society.  Some people want large parties with a lot going on and others want to plan something small with a few friends.   From a small group of friends to a huge group, Lasting Impressions by Design can make a plan specifically for your needs.  Allow us make all the arrangements!  All you need to do is make a few choices about how much you want to spend, vendors who meet your needs and then show up to your event and enjoy!  Stress free and worry free!

Decade Birthdays

30! 40! 50!....We all look at these with great expectations for the future and also a time to look back on the previous decade with fond memories.   This is a wonderful time to celebrate with those people you love, be it family, friends or a little of both!  The Lasting Impressions by Design team can plan a giant “over-the-hill” party or an evening out with friends in a pub run or restaurant run for the evening!  Let us put a special something together for that special person who is joining a new decade of happiness!

Children’s Birthdays

You can spend your money for a party at a “party place” or you can spend your money on a unique party for your child.  A party that reflects your child’s  personality is something you can do!  Does  your birthday child  like animals?  Maybe they are artists?  Whatever their unique traits, Lasting Impressions by Design can help you plan a beautiful party designed with the birthday


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